Dental Crowns and Bridges

Do you have a cracked filling or a tooth that was recently removed? There is no reason to worry, you have options! Dental Care of Nixa offers an assortment of porcelain fused to metal, all porcelain and gold crowns and bridges.

Crowns and bridges — the smarter choice

Depending on the extent of the damage, your dentist can still work to salvage the remaining part of the tooth and restore its function and structure. A dental crown or cap may also be used to strengthen a tooth that is vulnerable to wear or fracture. This procedure is considered even if the tooth is already broken, as long as the gums and bone are healthy. crowns or caps can be made from a variety of materials, (porcelain, gold and all ceramic which has become the most popular) and is fitted over the entire tooth like a jacket to protect the remaining tooth from further damage.

A bridge, on the other hand, allows your dentist to replace missing teeth without resorting to dental implants or dentures. A false tooth is cemented into place and attached to the existing teeth on either side, forming a kind of ‘bridge’ within your mouth to close the gap and restore the functionality of the teeth in treated area.

At Dental Care of Nixa,we believe that replacing missing teeth is not only essential to appearance, but critical in your overall dental health. Damaged or missing teeth can affect your smile and change your bite. Even before your tooth falls out or becomes irreparably damaged, you should seek early dental advice to help regain a brighter, more confident smile.