Dental Night Guards & Splints

We at Dental Care of Nixa know that you want to maintain your perfect set of straight, white teeth, that’s why we strive to provide you with all the best quality dental services and treatments. Dental care is not necessary only during your waking hours, because your teeth and gums can be damaged even as you sleep. Dental professionals recommend using dental night guards or dental splints to help protect your teeth during sleep.

What are dental night guards?

Adults and young children alike may experience jaw clenching and teeth grinding when they sleep. This is common condition called bruxism that has the potential of causing problems such as weak or chipped teeth, ear pain, headache and jaw damage. Night guards are a great option for protecting your teeth at night and are worn over either the upper or lower teeth to cushion the teeth from damage.

Teeth grinding can be caused by different factors, such as stress in adults or growth of new teeth in children. The jaw muscles contract and the teeth may glide or crunch over each other. Night guards prevent damage from this repeated action. It can be made from plastic or acrylic, but the latter is preferred by dentists because they are less flexible and provide better cushioning.

What are dental splints?

Another dental device that is used to prevent teeth damage from bruxism is called an occlusal splint. This is fitted by a dentist to stabilize the jaw as a result of misaligned teeth or to help with TMJ problems. The use of an occlusal splint is a very effective therapeutic measure that re-establishes muscle memory in the jaw muscles to take pressure of the jaw joint. Snoring and sleep apnea can also be effectively addressed by wearing a splint at night.

Consult our helpful dental professionals at Dental Care of Nixa to help you with your sleeping issues. While you may also purchase night guards from your nearby drugstore, these are not guaranteed to give you maximum protection and comfortable wear. On the other hand, a splint can be fitted only by a dentist, so come visit us for an oral examination today.