Digital X-rays

Quality oral health care is not complete without a precise dental examination that can help your dentist decide on the most appropriate treatment plan for you. At Dental Care of Nixa, we offer you digital x-rays to expidite routine exams and thoroughly diagnose any problems. After all, x-rays are a dentists most valuable tool!!!!

X-rays for better oral health

Have you ever wondered how an X-ray works? X-ray is a form of energy that travels in waves that can penetrate through different parts of the body to give medical professionals a snapshot of the internal structure of the subject area. Our bones and teeth are made up of very dense material so they absorb X-rays, but X-rays can pass through cheek and gum tissue quite easily.

A typical x-ray image of the mouth will show the bones and teeth as well-defined white areas with any fillings or crowns as highlighted areas on the teeth. X-rays allow our dentists to see cavities bewteen each and every tooth and under all fillings that would otherwise be impossible to see. We have the capability of bringing all our x-rays up on screens, so that each patient has the opportunity to participate in his/her diagnosis and treatment.

Get better results with digital technology

Some patients are concerned with overexposure to radiation, which may explain why they are hesitant to undergo an X-ray exam for dental purposes. But the procedure for dental imaging is very precise and focused on only a small portion of the body, so you don’t run the risk of too much radiation.

For your peace of mind, Dental Care of Nixa has adopted digital X-ray technology to take snapshots of the mouth and jaw area. Digital X-rays emit 80% less radiation than analog machines and does not make use of film or harmful processing chemicals. The images produced by digital X-ray also have higher color contrast, so any problem areas are highlighted more, and the image is developed almost instantaneously.