Root Canals

If you thought that good oral hygiene and dental health is just about maintaining the appearance of your teeth, you are only partially correct. The health and strength of your teeth goes beyond its looks. There may be times when a dentist will have to look into the recesses of your teeth to prevent further damage and keep it from falling out of your mouth. Dental Care of Nixa promises you superior dental care and excellent service, even in such highly sensitive treatments like root canal treatment.

The basics of root canal therapy

Our teeth are made from a tough outer surface of enamel, a second layer of soft dentin which protects the nerve and blood supply of the tooth known as the pulp also called the root canal. The nerve tissue inside your teeth serve a primarily sensory purpose, letting you know whether the food or drink you enjoy is hot or cold.

Sometimes, decay spreads into the innermost recesses of the tooth and destroys it from the inside out, causing abscesses and swelling along the gum line. Other factors that may cause pain in the root canal include facial trauma, fractured teeth or repeated dental procedures that slowly irritate that nerve causing it to die.

The pain you experience does not come from inside the tooth itself but rather from the nerves that connect the tooth to your gums and bone. Whatever the source, the pain can become quite acute requiring removal of the inflamed nerve tissue to eliminate your pain better known as a root canal.  Root canals have acquired a bad stigma, however, root canals on teeth that have not abscessed are very routine and as pain free as any filling.  Our goal is to avoid root canals at all costs, so see the doctors at Dental Care of Nixa to side step such problems.