Teeth Whitening

Your smile gives your face unique warmth and personality, so you should strive to keep your teeth looking healthy and white all the time. Restore your gleaming smile with teeth whitening performed by trained dental professionals only at Dental Care of Nixa. We assure you of the highest quality service and greatest customer satisfaction with every visit.

Why should I have professional teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening has become one of the most common treatments that patients utilize to get an instantly brighter smile. Men and women alike have seen the advantages of maintaining the natural sparkle of their smile.

While there are a lot of available over-the-counter home dental bleaching kits, you are not always assured of the effectiveness of these products. We recommmend that you see a dentist to establish pre and post bleaching shades for the most predictable outcome.

Furthermore, undergoing professional teeth whitening gives you the extra advantage of knowing that your desired results will be achieved, not only in terms of restoring your teeth to a lighter shade, but also in terms of ensuring overall good dental health. Our highly-skilled and courteous dental staff will provide you with utmost comfort before, during and after your procedure.

How does teeth whitening work?

Our smiles are naturally bright and clean because of the strong enamel that forms the outermost layer of every tooth. However, constant exposure to stain causing foods and drinks discolors the enamel, giving the appearance of dark stained teeth. Teeth whitening works to strip away these stains and debris from the enamel and restore the teeth back to its natural light shade.