Tooth Extractions

Most people try to avoid visiting the dentist because they are afraid that they will have to undergo tooth extraction. Having your teeth pulled out is surely one of the most traumatizing and difficult dental procedures that one can undergo.

However, we at Dental Care of Nixa believe that tooth extraction should not be the first treatment plan for badly-damaged teeth. Together, we can explore different options and choose the most appropriate and safe procedure for better oral health.

Why should teeth be removed?

Dental professionals remove teeth only when there is no other option. After all, your top priority is to salvage the tooth and stop further damage. Tooth extractions are inevitable in certain cases where the teeth have become too badly decayed or when new teeth don’t come in because they are being blocked by other teeth. It is not uncommon that patients starting orthodontic treatment may need multiple teeth removed to create space for tooth movement.

Pulling a tooth isn’t the horrific experience that most people think. It can be done through the simple process of loosening the tooth from its socket and taking it out with forceps. In certain cases teeth have to be surgically removed to prevent bone damage and to provide easy access to broken down or fractured teeth.

Both types of tooth extractions are safe, routine procedures that do not require complex preparations or equipment. The doctors at Dental Care of Nixa will help you decide what the prognosis of your tooth is and will determine the proper course of action with that painful tooth.